The company known as HAMUEL is founded by Hans Mühlhofer and Theodor Kirschbaum in Marktredwitz.



The company makes a name for itself as a manufacturer of tool holders, live lathe centres and accessories for machine tools.



At the end of the War a great effort is required to rebuild the company.



Continuing success – this time with the manufacture of components for lathes. Automatically controlled co-ordinate tables are developed and put onto the market.



A numerically controlled co-ordinate table generates great interest at the machine-tool exhibition in Hanover. In the Federal Republic of Germany there are only about 50 machine tools equipped with numerical control at that time.



The company continues to make good progress thanks to the manufacture of co-ordinate tables.



HAMUEL takes over the firm of Schirrmacher, being an important supplier. This is the start of the company's activities in Meeder near Coburg and, in the years to follow, this location expands even further.



The range of products then includes fixtures and telescopic covers. The company is now engaged in the development and series production of precision co-ordinate tables, long beds for CNC machining centres and components for moving column-type machines made by the firms of CHIRON and STAMA.



For the firm of MBB in Augsburg the company now develops and manufactures two high-speed milling machines for machining integral components for the aviation industry made from aluminium and with a length of up to 8 metres.



HAMUEL is now working at the forefront of technology and, in co-operation with the Technical University in Darmstadt, the company constructs the first high-speed machining centre made of polymer concrete.



The company now becomes part of the SCHERDEL Group. The construction of a laser welding installation for welding car roofs means that the range of products can be expanded.



HAMUEL obtains the contract to overhaul and modernize all portal milling machines at the DASA factory in Augsburg.



At the Hanover Trade Fair HAMUEL presents SHAPE 2000, the newly developed, universal portal milling machine.



Founding of a 100 % subsidiary called HAMUEL Maschinenbau Plauen GmbH & Co. KG, which is also integrated into the SCHERDEL Group. A modern production unit for sheet-metal and welded steel structures with an individual weight of up to 25 tonnes is opened at Plauen in a 4,400 square metres hall space.



In co-operation with Alstom Power AG the company develops the high-speed turn and milling machines HSTM-800 and HSTM-2000. Eleven of these machines are in use and they can carry out all the machining procedures for crankshafts and turbine blades in a single clamping process.



HAMUEL founds a 100 % subsidiary called Reichenbacher HAMUEL GmbH. Here, HAMUEL continues the manufacture and development of the range of products previously made by Reichenbacher GmbH.



HAMUEL introduces the HSTM XL series.



HAMUEL presents the new HSTM HD series made in mineral casting at the EMO fair.



HAMUEL opens its manufacturing plant for mineral cast components.



HAMUEL receives the EMO Award from the industry magazine MM Maschinenmarkt for the world's first hybrid repair machine.



HAMUEL develops the HSC Turning Milling Center HSTM 150 S2.



HAMUEL celebrates its 90th anniversary and inaugurates a new production hall in Meeder.



HAMUEL develops a machine for extra-large blisk processing up to 1,200 kg in weight.



HAMUEL expands the HSC Turning Milling Center HSTM 150 HD with the turning function.