In our globalised economy, the efficient utilisation of synergies within a group of companies will bring decisive advantages for the customer, above all from the point of view of cost minimisation and process optimisation. „Together the parts make a giant,“ is a phrase, Marcus Bach, managing director of the group, interprets for the SCHERDELGroup as follows:

"The pooling of knowledge from the various process technologies specific to the highly specialised subsidiaries of the group results in remarkable synergies. As a group we do not only possess comprehensive know-how, but also the corresponding resources to elaborate and implement „best-fit-solutions”."

The objective of our modern company policy consists of developing individual and practical machine concepts for our customers with cost minimisation in mind. The SCHERDELGroup, a medium-sized company run by the owners, with its headquarters in Upper Franconian Marktredwitz, is operating out of 32 locations world-wide and has about 6,000 employees. For generations, the company has successfully obtained a position in the market as a manufacturer of functional and other components in the automotive supplier sector. Although SCHERDEL is not a mere automotive supplier.

Machine construction with its long tradition in the overall group makes a decisive contribution to continuity and the successful implementation of business objectives and is an important mainstay in addition to forming technology. Around the world more than 4,000 CNC-machines from SCHERDEL are in use, the top technology of which is appreciated in many industries. Currently, 700 people at SCHERDEL are employed in the numerous subsidiaries of the machine construction sector with its more than impressive growth within the overall group of companies.

SCHERDEL as a partner