High-precision processing

High-precision processing of your component will be carried out at our factory – without additional cost for transportation, without a long waiting time, but instead with great flexibility and our longtime experience in the manufacture of components for machine tools. Here, geometrical form and position tolerances at micron-precision will be reached on:

  • Integrated steel-/cast elements
  • Special layer on high-precision surfaces

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In-house high-precision machining of your components will be performed by HAMUEL-gantry machines.






If the technical conditions required for your application will have been met, high-precision surfaces for guides, bearing brackets for ball screws, etc. can directly be replicated onto your MinercalCast-component at a favorable price. Here, special master fixtures will be used as casting jigs to replicate the corresponding surfaces at micron form and position tolerances.






For some applications the required 3-dimensional accuracy of the machine can only be obtained by using a compensation in the mechanical system. Based on your specifications, scraping of the surface geometry in the micron-range will be carried out by our experts.