MineralCast is a modern material for the manufacture of intricate precision components to be used in various applications.
The specifically developed mixture of mineral fillers and epoxy resin permits the production of filigree contours even in large-volume components. Our high quality standards guarantee that you will get high-precision components exactly suited for your demands.

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  • Force flow through cast-in steel bars and plates.
  • Utmost rigidity – minimum deflection.
  • Mechanical assembly as usual without any limitation.


All the necessary thread holes have already been integrated into the MineralCast component. The high-precision functional surfaces for assembling components, such as linear guides, feed drives, scales, etc. will be produced afterwards. For this purpose a special layer will be applied and the final geometry will be replicated by means of a ground high-precision device (master fixture).




In the case of a small number of pieces to be produced, it often doesn’t pay off to invest in a mould. Here, from the cost point of view back filling of the machine component will be more attractive. Usually, for reasons of the intense bonding effect of MineralCast, the welded steel construction can be manufactured using sheet-metal with a small thickness, and serves as a “lost mould”. Once the MineralCast will have cured, the hybrid body will show the positive properties of a MineralCast regarding increased vibration damping and additional rigidity.