Software – a cornerstone of our success

An optimum interaction between the machine and the specifically established CAD/CAM-software is of great significance for the production of turbine blades. Our software is based on renowned CAD/CAM-systems. However, we have integrated additional important features to considerably enhance the manufacturing process for you, as well as the work-part programming. This means that you will definitely benefit from a reduction in programming time of up to 45 per cent, and sometimes reduce machining time even by one half, when using this software correctly.

Your advantages in short:

  • The software includes special patent protected machining techniques to obtain the maximum removal of material while ensuring the greatest precision.
  • A CAD/CAM-solution for the simultaneous 5-axes high-speed machining of turbine blades.
  • The programme efficiently shortens the generation of tool paths for the milling machine.
  • Roughing out strategies with spiral cutting of blade profiles, head and root transition areas and grooves.
  • Finishing strategies with spiral milling and combined tilt and swivel angle movement, Z-constant machining, milling with point or flank contact, and milling of head and root areas.
  • Integrated post processors for the HSTM-series.
  • Optimum integration into the customer CAD/CAM-structure by add-in software feature.
  • Superior milling technology and strategy for turbine blades.
  • Automated and the shortest programming possible.