Hybrid manufacturing

What is a Hybrid machine?

A Hybrid machine is one where you can change between manufacturing processes as easily as you change between milling cutters. Hybrid machines mix technologies together to allow processes to be combined, as required. The ability to extend end-of-life of high value, complex components made from specialized materials, is both cost effective and environmentally friendly.


The key to Hybrid manufacturing is flexibility. Switching between milling, cladding & probing is fully automated and fast. Changeover takes less than 20 seconds and can be called up during any part programme using only a few M-codes. A typical fully adaptive part programme may include any of the following steps, all adaptively controlled by a single software solution.

Adaptive processing through in-cycle reverse engineering

The key to mixing processes is feedback. In-cycle part inspection provides feedback to orient parts, assess defects, and ensure accuracy throughout processing using adaptive automation software. Adaptive processing customizes the NC programme to best repair each component to deliver exceptional accuracy and reliability – even when repairing parts with varied service histories. Adaptive manufacturing is central to many aerospace applications including blade / blisk production, component repair etc. All processing in a Hybrid machine is automatic and can be adaptive.

3D laser cladding

3D laser cladding is essentially a welding-based 3D printing (also known as additive manufacturing) technique which melts metal with a laser and deposits it onto a part. It can be done with virtually all conventional welding metals plus the focused heat input and low dilution allow cladding of difficult to weld materials. It has been relied on in industry for 15 years for repair work and complex 3D printing. Laser cladding in a mill-turn machine creates a new price point for these systems and has the added benefit of being able to surface finish deposited metal by milling / polishing in a single setup.  Above all, the Hybrid machine delivers all of the above capability without any compromises to the milling quality that Hamuel is known for.

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Our solutions

Don't just load your machine with milling cutters; load it full of adaptive processes:

High Speed Milling + 3D Scanning + Laser Cladding + 3D Inspection + Deburring / Polishing + Laser Marking

... all in a single machine!