Experience and expertise

More than 60 years of experience in mechanical engineering make Reichenbacher-HAMUEL your perfect partner for all kinds of activities around your machine. We offer you our worldwide service and first-class system solutions.


What does Retrofit mean?

Retrofit is the upgrading of your machine by replacing old components and adding new functions. The following applies: the more complex the machine is, the more sense makes its modernization.


Advantages of a Retrofit:

  • Overhaul in manufacturer quality
  • Greater precision and better efficiency
  • General overhaul of the components
  • Reduced processing time
  • Alternative to buying a new machine
  • Compliance with safety and quality regulations
  • Sustainability
  • Restoration of productivity and accuracy
  • Overhaul is tax-deductible
  • No training required for the user
  • Short duration of the overhaul


Your advantages at HAMUEL:

As a service provider, HAMUEL is completely independent of other manufacturers and can therefore always offer the components most suitable for your requirements.


Mechanical overhaul

Apart from the control software of a machine, after a while also the mechanical components do no longer correspond to the current state-of-the-art. Thus, performance and productivity of a machine continuously decrease over the years. Here, a mechanical overhaul is a targeted countermeasure. In particular for large and complicated machines, this is a useful and favorable alternative to buying a new machine. The advantages are quite evident: the overhaul is economically sustainable and reduces the sources of possible problems to a minimum.



A CNC-conversion is the technical revision of your machine by our qualified staff. In doing so they replace components from the control system, the drive system and the electrical system. Your used machines and units become modern CNC-controlled systems that meet the high demands made in your industry.


Characteristics of a CNC-conversion:

  • Modern drive and control systems
  • Perfect adaptation to your machine and requirements
  • Improvements in precision and speed
  • Machining of highly intricate components on your machine